Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A SAD Day In Texas And Most Of The Rest Of America

I saw that which you see on the left on Facebook yesterday. I don't remember via whom, precisely, except that it was either the Tacoma Connie D or the Tacoma Queen V.

I just realized that all three of us, me, Connie D and Queen V realized we could not and did not want to change the same person, so we all chose to no longer associate with that person.

Anyway, what a SAD day, as in Seasonally Affected Disorder type day, with this being day two of what is a stereotypical Western Washington fall and winter day. Water dripping from a gray sky. And cold. As in chilled to 52 degrees, which is about the same temperature as my old home zone is currently being heated.

It is also a SAD day, to me and a lot of others, due to yesterday's election results.

How come when I lived in Washington the people or issues I voted for usually won? While in Texas I don't think I've voted for anything that has won. Well, I did vote yes on this election's state wide road bond issue. And that passed. And I did vote for Mary Kelleher and she won.

Clearly I can not change the way the people around me vote, but I can choose to be around people who vote like I do.

But, that would require moving....


WalmartRamen said...

It is ok that the Republicans have taken control of the Senate.
It would of been better blue, but you can't have have the good
without the bad.
Now with a flood of low taxes and the rich not being on food stamps needing those taxes, there will be a food stamp cut! Being consumers makes jobs other wise you would have a empty store and how long could they pay their workers with no one coming in the store. DUR!
So really it's time for the most, the poor to stay home more buy less etc. You never needed it anyway! Really it's true "People that work don't know fishing!" Have a happy life cut back!

Anonymous said...

It might be time for you to get back to Tacoma. You could hang out at Fubbo's flea market.

Happiness is Fort Worth Texas in the rear view mirror.