Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Look At Three Bridges Over Nothing With Wind Chimes From Hell

This morning after I blogged about yesterday's Fort Worth explosion, in a blogging titled A Big Boom Begins Boondoggle Bridge Construction Three Months Late, someone from outside the Fort Worth Propaganda Zone asked me if I had any images of what the infamous Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Three Bridges Over Nothing will look like.

In this age of computer aided design I have wondered a time or two why that which you see here is the best I've been able to come up with regarding what these Three Signature Iconic Bridges Over Nothing will look like.

Like I've repeated repetitively the Three Bridges are currently being built over Nothing, as in built over dry land. The artist's rendering shows the bridges crossing the flood diversion channel. As you can see these bridges look to be extremely complicated feats of engineering, which may help explain why they will take longer than San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to build.

It would have taken Fort Worth even longer to build these three bridges if the building took place over water, like those Golden Gate Bridge builders had to contend with.

What strikes me as really strange, and maybe indicative of the sheep-like nature of way too many of the locals, is why no one asks why the channel ditch can not being built at the same time as the bridges? Why is the excuse always that the bridges are easier and cheaper to build  over dry land?  There would be no water in the channel til the river is diverted into it.

Why can't these official morons just be honest and honestly say they don't have the money yet to dig the ditch? That if they had the money they would be digging the ditch while the bridges were being built, because that is the most  efficient way to quickly build this vitally needed flood control project to protect downtown Fort Worth from floods which existing levees have protected Fort Worth from for over a half century.

And then there is that which you see on the left. This was including in the photos in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram article about yesterday's bridge ground breaking explosion.

The caption for the picture says "A sample of artwork that will be featured as part of the Panther Island Bridges."


We are four years out from these simple little bridges being completed and we already have artwork to feature on the bridges?

Has money been spent on this artwork? If so, whose money was spent? Is the artwork going to be paid for by some of those federal dollars Kay Granger has promised to get for her son, J.D.?

And what is this artwork supposed to be? It looks to me like Wind Chime from Hell might be the name of this particular work of art......

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Steve A said...

Those bridges look somewhat like the London Bridge that is in Arizona. That bridge was also built over dry land before they let the water in. However, none of my tax money went to moving London Bridge to Arizona. I do not know how long it took them to dismantle, move, and re-erect the thing.