Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Cold Hot Tub Is Not Helping My Aches & Pains So Linda R Is Meeting Me In Houston

No. I am not at some tropical location, cliff side, looking at crystal clear turquoise water.

What we are looking at here is the eastern edge of my hot tub squirting water into a way too cool pool.

The hot tub is currently in malfunction mode. The hot tub doctor has once again diagnosed a broken pump as the culprit which caused the hot tub to stop being hot.

I do not know when the hot tub doctor will be returning to perform pump surgery on the hot tub. I suspect it will be sooner rather than later.

Speaking of malfunctions, and who isn't, I am currently suffering from a personal malfunction. I don't know what I did, but I've somehow caused my abdominal zone to be extremely sore, with occasional sharp pain pangs.

I don't think the cause of the pain is the plank thing the Queen of Wink convinced me to do to get rid of my swollen gut. The plank thing ceased being a pain long ago, along with the disappearance of the swollen gut. The swollen gut has now been replaced with what is commonly called a six pack.

I think the cause of the sharp pain pangs may be related to overdoing the bike riding a couple days ago when I rolled my wheels all the way to Quanah Parker Park, with several steep hill climbs along the route.

All I know for sure is ibuprofen is not being much help and I want this ache to go away, which I am sure it will, eventually. In the meantime, I am taking it easy. For the most part.

Changing the subject from my personal litany of woe, this morning I heard from one of my oldest and dearest friends, going all the way back to 1st grade, Linda R.

Linda is coming to Texas, to Houston, in a couple months and was wondering if I could make it there so we could have a visit. I indicated that that might be doable.

Since I have been in Texas I have only been to Houston twice. I really liked Galveston...

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