Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Warmly Rolling My Wheels Around The Woodhaven Country Club Golf Course

When I take a walking tour of my neighborhood I usually walk around in the Industrial Wasteland part of the neighborhood.

I have walked in the non-Industrial Wasteland part of my neighborhood before and may have used a photo from that location for blogging purposes, but I don't remember doing so.

My usual mode for a tour of the non-Industrial Wasteland part of my neighborhood is via the rolling my wheels method, hence the picture of my handlebars pointing at a scenic scene with a trio of golfers, with one of the golfers barely visible sitting under a tree in his golf cart.

That would be the Woodhaven Country Club golf course part of my neighborhood you are looking  at. This is a sprawling golf course surrounded by houses accessed by mostly dead end roads. And hilly. Thus excellent for an endorphin inducing bout of aerobic stimulation.

I have golfed a time or two, but never in Texas. I find golfing to be excruciatingly boring. Well, except for the Putt Putt Mini-Golf mode of golfing. That I have enjoyed a time or two or three.

As you can see, mostly clear blue sky has returned to North Texas. But, the temperature was in the 60s when I left my abode to roll my wheels. This had me in sweatpants, a long sleeved t-shirt, with a sweatshirt on top of that. By the time I got my bike ready to roll I realized I was over dressed. About a half mile into rolling I realized my regular bike shorts and a regular t-shirt would have sufficed.

I always have trouble adjusting to the sudden temperature changes in Texas this time of year. And in the spring.

I did not get in the pool this morning at all optimistic that that would go well, but it did. With two warm up bouts in the hot tub.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be warmer, but I suspect not warm enough to get me turning on the A/C.

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Mary Kellogg said...

Cold and raining here. 430 days. OMG you can have my place here in the PNW.