Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two Buck Clucking With Connie, Ginger & Mary Ann

Yesterday when I came into possession of this week's Fort Worth Weekly I saw there was an article about a local business renting egg laying chickens called Two Buck Cluck.

Til this morning I only read about as much of FW Weekly's Better Hens and Gardens article as you see screencapped here.

After I read what I read yesterday I thought to myself I must remember to mention this article to the Fort Worth Connie D, due to the Fort Worth Connie D's recent foray into adopting a couple egg layers.

Then this morning I got around to reading the rest of the article to learn there was no need to mention it to the Fort Worth Connie D. The relevant reason why there was no need to mention this I will copy from the FW Weekly article and paste below...

Connie Dees lives nearby; she too rents chickens from Thomas. After about six weeks of hen-wrangling, Dees is still enthusiastic.

“My neighbors are all just fascinated,” she said. “The hens are quiet. If they were noisy it might be an issue, but we haven’t had any negative feedback.

“It’s been a lot of fun. They are highly entertaining,” she said. They have a lot of personality. My new relaxation is that I have a lawn chair out back, and I go read a book and talk to the chickens and get out of my crazy work mode.”

Predators can be a problem — mostly raccoons, possums, and hawks. However, a sturdy coop will protect the chickens while they’re locked up, and coons and possums only come out at night after the chickens are tucked away.

“We’ve seen falcons around here,” Dees said. “I feed birds in the backyard. I was a little worried.”

She lets her hens roam freely during the day, although they run to the coop if they sense danger. So far neither has come to any harm. Thomas replaces chickens that die or get killed as long as no negligence was involved.

“They put themselves to bed,” Dees said. “About 7:30 they’re already on their roost, and I shut the cage. They’re incredibly low maintenance.”

She has noticed fewer insects around her house this summer. And she’s enjoyed the eggs and the companionship.

“I’m fascinated by the personalities of the chickens,” Dees said. “My big ginger chicken is bossy and pushy and dominant. My little rock star [crested] chicken is more curious. If I’m doing something new, she’s right up there, going ‘Hey, what are you doing? What’s happening?’ ”

From reading the Connie D Chicken Tales on Facebook I know she has named her egg layers Ginger and Mary Ann. Til reading the FW Weekly article I did not realize Connie D had so much fun with her Ginger and Mary Ann.

And til I visited the Two Buck Cluck website I did not realize how expensive Ginger and Mary Ann's golden eggs are...

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