Friday, October 3, 2014

Nameless Asking About Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Three Bridges Over Nothing

This morning after I yet again blogged about my wonderment regarding why it will take four years for Fort Worth to build Three Bridges Over Nothing someone who shall remain Nameless emailed from his current location in Los Angeles asking me if I had any artist's rendering of what the notorious Three Bridges Over Nothing will look like.

The actual text from Nameless said "You got any pics of what these bridges are gonna look like. There must be something special about them to take so long to build and to have them called signature and iconic."

So, I replied to Nameless, sending him the artist's rendering of one of the Three Bridges Over Nothing that you see above. The artist's rendering includes the un-needed flood diversion channel over which the Three Bridges Over Nothing are currently being built.

After Nameless saw the bridge image he emailed back with...

"You're making this up. How can that bridge in that drawing take 4 years to make? And there is nothing special about it."

To which I replied confirming that that totally ordinary looking little bridge is one of the four years in the making bridges, that are being touted as signature bridges which will give Fort Worth iconic entries to the area of its Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

To which Nameless replied, "I get now why this bridge boondoggle bugs you so."

Yes, it does bug me. Four years to build such simple bridges is absurd. Referring to these plain, ordinary, simple bridges as being signature bridges is also absurd. Saying these plain, ordinary, simple bridges will become iconic symbols of Fort Worth is even more absurd.

Then again, I can see how a scenario could come to be where these Three Bridges Over Nothing do become an iconic symbol of Fort Worth, but not in a way which will make the local propaganda purveyors happy....

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