Monday, October 13, 2014

It Was A Dark Stormy Night In Texas

It was a dark and stormy night, last night, in North Texas. This morning it is less dark and stormy than last night.

Even though rain and hail added a couple inches to the pool I managed to have myself a stormy swim this morning. I retreated, briefly, to the hot tub one time only, for a minute or two, til I overheated, then it was back into the refreshing pool.

I do know how many hours the storm kept me awake last night. I do know I am tired this morning.

The storm started gradual, wind picking up, then a slight pelting of raindrops on the windows. After an hour of prelude thunder in the distance announced the approach of the main show.

The main show started with strong wind, then heavy rain, with some of the aforementioned hail. There were three lightning strikes close enough to my abode that the flash and the boom were simultaneous.

I've not heard any reports of wind damage as severe as that from the windstorm a couple Thursday's ago. The strong wind did not last long at my location, but it was wickedly strong when it was gusting.

I was considering going on a bike ride tour of my neighborhood, but just stepping outside to take the above picture was a bit bracing. Currently 62 with wind making it feel colder.

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