Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Do Not Know If Waterspouts Are In The North Texas Forecast For Indigenous People's Day

I came upon this waterspout photo whilst perusing the KOMO TV news online this morning. The Pierce County referenced in the headline is in the State of Washington. It is the county in which Tacoma is located.

The water is spouting in front of Anderson Island. Anderson Island is a real island, surrounded by a wide body of water, unlike Fort Worth's Panther Island, which is not surrounded by a wide body of water, or any water to be more precise.

I have only seen a waterspout once, years ago looking towards Bellingham from Samish Island.

Samish Island is sort of like Fort Worth's Panther Island in that it is not actually an island. Except, unlike Fort Worth's imaginary island, Samish Island used to be a real island before Dutch dikers blocked the saltwater, turning what had been underwater into farmland.

Anyway, apparently here in North Texas we are heading into some stormy weather on Indigenous People's Day. I don't know if any waterspouting is possible. There is not a lot of water to do any spouting in North Texas.

I learned of the incoming storming this morning via the Texas Master of Weatherology, John Basham....

Weather Update: Okay my fellow North Texans... I hope you enjoyed the great cooler temperatures today (Saturday). Here we go. Winds will turn around to the South on Sunday and begin to pick up by late afternoon  / early evening. By 7pm Sunday night winds will be out of the South at 15-25 mph and gusty. Meanwhile a cold front will be rapidly moving across the Southern Plains and it will arrive in the DFW metro by early Monday morning. Ahead of the front we may see a few thunderstorms (Sunday night after 7pm) a few of these storms could be severe with large hail and gusty winds. But the real show starts between 5am and 9am Monday across the D/FW metro with a squall line of storms rapidly moving East across North Texas at 35mph. This forward motion along with ANY gusty winds will cause Severe Thunderstorm winds Monday morning (Columbus Day) will add to the 35mph allowing for winds in excess of 75mph. After the storms pass Monday morning winds will shift back around to the North-Northwest at 20-30mph and will be very gusty. So in short get ready for some wind, rain, and lightning late Sunday night into Monday morning and more cool wet weather. Basham

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