Thursday, October 16, 2014

Does Sarah Palin Think A Travel Ban Is Needed For Ebola, Dallas & Lubbock?

From my main online news source, on Facebook, Fort Worth Star-Telegram food critic and columnist, Bud Kennedy, I learned that Lubbock has possibly joined Dallas in the Texas Ebola Outbreak.

Apparently, judging by the photo, a large police and emergency team crew sealed off a Lubbock neighborhood where someone returned from Africa's Ivory Coast with flu symptoms.

The amount of info in Mr. Kennedy's Facebook news about the Lubbock Ebola Outbreak was limited.

And I did not click the link to learn more.

One can not help but wonder when this Africa traveler's flu symptoms showed up. After he or she was home? Before boarding the plane in Africa? Whilst in mid-flight?

The Ebola Crisis sure seems to be wearing on people's nerves. Both those freaked out about it and those tired of hearing about it.

I have been unable to determine if it was an Internet hoax or not if Sarah Palin actually said something like "My prayers go out to the people of Ebola."

I suspect Mrs. Palin likely did say something like this. Isn't she the one who had to have it explained to her that Africa was not a country? Or was that Joe Biden?

America has a lot of inadvertent comical politicians. It's hard to keep up....

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Steve A said...

I think it was "slow Joe" that said something along those lines...