Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Pre-Town Talk Walk Around Fosdick Lake With Dozens Of Wind Damaged Trees

Saturday more often than not my pre-Town Talk go to place is either Gateway Park or the Tandy Hills.

I figured Thursday's storm likely left the Gateway Park mountain bike trail a mess with knocked down trees and mud. I figured the same might be the case for the Tandy Hills.

So, I opted to go to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdick Lake in my endless quest to find Oakland Lake.

As soon as Oakland Lake Park came in to view I saw a lot of wind damage, as in lots of tree damage, some totally knocked over, some yanked right out of the ground.

Oakland Lake Park is only four miles west of my abode. Mother Nature was clearly much more ferocious at Oakland Lake Park than she was at my location.

For a couple months now Fosdick Fountain out in the middle of Fosdick Lake has been a burbling shadow of its former full fountain glory. Today I was saddened to see that Fosdick Fountain has now totally died and has been taken over by a gaggle of ducks.

Don't the ducks look all pleased with themselves that they have taken over the fountain?

When I first arrived at Oakland Lake Park and exited my vehicle I walked a few feet to the knocked over tree you see above. I heard musical tweeting coming from the tree. Eventually I found the nest which survived the tree being blown over. It was a big nest. The mama bird was outside the nest with her babies tweeting inside.

I did not think to take video of this til I'd walked around the lake. When I went back to the tree to shoot video of the tweeting birds they were no longer singing. I shot the video anyway, which is YouTubed below.

But before I get to pasting in the video embed code I must make my Town Talk report for former Fort Worth native, MKB, currently held against her will up in Washington.

Today I got two big containers of strawberries, a big bag of a bread product called something like Brioche, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, a long, big tube of Italian sausage, flour tortillas, lobster bisque and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

And now the aforementioned video.....

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MLK said...

Thank you so much for the weekly report. I am so jealous!

440 days until my release from this prison called work.