Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Mexican Hat Hoodoo Has Sprouted On The Tandy Hills Along With Yellow Daisies

Today I was back on the Tandy Hills for the first time in weeks. I don't think I've done any hill hiking on the Tandy Hills in October.

I expected to see a lot of wind damage on the Tandy Hills today, what with how badly damaged nearby Oakland Lake Park and how many piles of fallen tree debris still lined the side of the road which leads to the summit of Mount Tandy.

However, I saw only a few downed trees on the Tandy Hills today. The microburst of high speed wind must have started super speeding when it got past the hills on that windy Thursday, several Thursdays ago.

What with all the wind of late I did not expect to see the tallest, most precarious Tandy Hills Hoodoo I've seen to date.

Let alone two tall Hoodoos.

The Hoodoo you see above I think may be an homage to the Mexican Hat rock formation near Mexican Hat, Utah. Mexican Hat is so-named because it looks like a sombrero. I don't know why that Utah rock formation was not named Mexican Sombrero. The top of the above Hoodoo looks like a sombrero, to me.

The Mexican Hat Hoodoo was at Hoodoo Central, at the north end of the trail which leads on to the Tandy Hills from View Street. The below Hoodoo is located part way up the trail which leads to the summit of Mount Tandy.

The above Hoodoo is built on a very solid base and appears to be less precarious than the Mexican Hat Hoodoo.

This hills were not alive with the sound of music today, but they were alive with a surprising amount of color, such as the yellow beauty you see below.

I don't know if these yellow beauties are daisies or sunflowers. I do know that there are multiple patches of these yellow flowers coloring up the Tandy Hills.

I had some time constraints constraining me today, so I did not make my regular Saturday visit to Town Talk. I will likely make up for that this coming Wednesday.

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