Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Walking The Rails Around Fort Worth's Fosdick Lake With My Mom, My Sister, Miss Puerto Rico & Elsie Hotpepper

Even though I'd been there the day before, I decided to take my Mother's Day walk today with the turtles who call Fosdick Lake home in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park.

One of the mysteries of this particular Fort Worth park, in addition to the mysterious lack of modern facilities of the restroom and running water and in addition to the mysterious sudden appearance, months ago, of a fountain in the middle of Fosdick Lake and in addition to the mystery of why there is no Oakland Lake in Oakland Lake Park there is the mystery of what the purpose is of the railings you see in the picture above.

There is no drop off on either side of the railings, warranting that type protection. The railings exist only at the northwest corner of the paved trails around Fosdick Lake. What possible purpose do these railings serve?

Changing the subject from mysterious railings back to Mother's Day.

I text messaged my only sister who has given birth, to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and ask if she was in Washington or Arizona. She texted back a photo indicating she was in Tacoma. Which is in Washington. A followup text message said she was on her way to Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Pike Place is a very popular public market modeled after Fort Worth's world famous Santa Fe Rail Market.

Clearly I am seeing if I can muster Fort Worth Star-Telegram type ridiculous puffery with the above sentence of misinformation.

I text messaged my mom with a Happy Mother's Day message, adding that I'd call via the voice message method later.

Whilst walking around Fosdick Lake, multiple times I had to sit down to read a  message and then fumble a reply. Elsie Hotpepper's message had something to do with running. After I texted Elsie back asking what she was running from I called my mom.

Mom answered on the 4th ring. Usually mom answers before I hear a ring. Today when I called a distraction had arrived in the form of my little brother and my favorite sister-in-law and her youngest daughter, delivering Mother's Day Brunch to my mom.

I hope everyone is having as happy a Happy Mother's Day as I am....

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