Monday, February 3, 2014

The 3rd Day Of February Singing The Post-Super Bowl Monday Blues

I did not venture out into the icy cold this morning for my regularly scheduled hydrotherapy session in the hot tub of which you see part through the veil of green foliage.

Should not that green foliage have turned brown and fallen to the ground by this point in time?

Yesterday an incoming Google voice mail message came in from my mom. I'd called my mom on her happy birthday and found no one home. I called again early on Super Bowl Sunday and found no one home. I then called my Arizona sister and found no one home, and left a message saying I was finding no one home.

Hence (please note proper usage, Miss Julie) the Google voice mail message from my mom a couple hours before the start of the aforementioned Super Bowl game. So,  I called my mom back before continuing with my Super Bowl Party prepping.

Regarding that aforementioned Super Bowl game. I made it through Bruno Mars' excellent halftime show and then found myself losing interest at some point in the 3rd quarter. It is sort of ironic that this football season I made it through two previous Seattle Seahawk games, plus the final Dallas Cowboy loss of the season, but I did not make it through to the end of the Super Bowl game.

All in all, Seattle finally winning the Super Bowl seemed to be totally anti-climatic.

I have never been much of a fan of viewing various sports. Baseball has always been boring to me. With football I never got what it was that people found entertaining enough to watch for hours on end. Basketball was the only sport I enjoyed watching. From high school on.

After the Supersonics arrived in Seattle I went to many games. I watched them on TV. When the Sonics would make the playoffs it seemed exciting, like a big deal. I went to several playoff games. They were fun.

And then the Seattle Supersonics won the NBA championship. After all those times not quite making it in the playoffs I figured it would somehow feel like a really big deal for the Sonics to win the championship. But it wasn't. It basically meant nothing to me in any real meaningful way. I had no interest in joining the thousands in Seattle watching the Sonic victory parade.

After the Seattle Supersonics won the NBA championship I never attended another game. I lost interest. I really don't understand why.

I have only attended one Seattle Seahawk game, years ago, in the now dead Kingdome. Over the years, whilst still in Washington, I did watch a lot of Seattle Seahawk games on TV. I don't remember if the Seahawks ever made it to post-season games whilst I was still in Washington.

What I do know is this. If the Seattle Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl again next year I will likely watch. But it won't seem like any big deal to me whether they win or lose.

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