Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Is Falling On North Texas On This First Thursday Of February

Stepping out into the outer world on my patio viewing platform was a step of a duration only long enough to snap a photo of the snowballs falling from above.

Actually the falling ice was not in snowball form, the flash of the camera made it look like snowballs.

What actually is falling is snow in the flurry form, just as was predicted to be falling today.

I think it goes without saying that I will not be engaging in my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy session this morning. In addition to the falling snow the additional weather information provided by the graphic below provides an additional reason as to why a hot tub hydrotherapy session does not seem like a good idea this morning.

16 degrees with the wind and humidity making that 16 degrees really feel like no degrees at all.


I do not remember being this cold in Texas during the previous winters of my Texas exile.

On a positive note, I think the Mountain Cedar Pollen problem has gone away. At least it has for me. I made it through the night, last night, without the need to spray anything into my breathing apparatus.

I do not know where, or how, I will be getting my much needed endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation today. I suppose I could go up and down the three flights of stairs which lead to Miss Puerto Rico's abode, if the steps are not slippery from snow....


Steve A said...

Don't feel too down about the weather in your part of Texas. We're suffering here in Ocean Shores as well. The IGA espresso stand was unable to open this morning due to the cold.

Durango said...

Steve A, it is being real bad here today. Worse driving experience since decades ago when I lost control on the way down the mountain after skiing at Mount Baker. I wish I was up in Ocean Shores!