Thursday, February 6, 2014

North Texas Snowstorm Causes Me A Scary Slippery Two Hour Roadtrip To ALDI

In the picture you are looking at the snowy view from Miss Puerto Rico's elevated viewing platform on the world.

I walked over to Miss PR's over the snow covered ground without slippery incident.

I then walked up to Albertsons to get Fort Worth Weekly, again without slippery incident.

I saw no vehicles having slippery incidents on the snow covered roads.

And so, with me having a strong hankering for a hot pot of chili I decided road conditions were just fine for a short drive to ALDI to get myself what I needed to make a hot pot of chili.

I decided wrong.

I saw I had a problem when I saw the east side of the John T. White Road overpass over I-820 when I saw about a dozen vehicles in slipping mode trying to head west up the slight incline to cross over the freeway. When I saw all that slippage I knew I had to find another route back, if I actually made it to ALDI.

The only serious slippage, for me, pre-ALDI, was at the right turn on to Cooks Lane. When I got past that I saw the road ahead was being sanded, which made smooth sailing the rest of the distance  to ALDI.

Leaving ALDI I took the Ederville Road route home. That was slow going. There is one long downhill slope on this route that had me worried til I saw it was no problem.

I had some serious slipping by a QT gas station and again at the next stop light. After that I was back on a road that had been sanded, the I-30 overpass. I thought I was home free by the time I drove through the Albertsons parking lot.

And then I turned left on to Boca Raton, the road I'd driven slip-free on when I took off for ALDI. As soon as I turned on to Boca Raton I knew I was in trouble, because I was slipping and I saw a lot of other vehicles stuck and slipping, with a Fort Worth bus stuck at the top of the hill.

I had no steering control. I could go a slight distance and then lose control. I went til I could go no further because I was getting too close to a car trying to get up the hill. I got out and helped them, convincing the driver to slide in reverse back down the hill and try to get up it again by staying on the center of the road.

That worked. I now had a clear shot at the entry to my driveway. But, I again lost control with my right wheels ending up on the grass median between the road and sidewalk. That grass median gave me traction, so I was able to get to the bottom of the hill and the driveway entry.

I thought I was home free. But then when I turned into the driveway I lost control again. By that time I was shaking from the stress. After about 10 more minutes of slipping and sliding I successfully parked.

I am thinking what is happening in the D/FW zone today may be one for the history books.

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