Monday, January 20, 2014

Yesterday Spencer Jack Was The 12th Boy On The Ferry Yakima Not Watching The Seattle Seahawks Win Again

Sunday afternoon Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew, Jason,  I-phoned me a photo from onboard a Washington State ferry heading to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

The message in the email said, "Spencer Jack supporting his Seahawks on the ferry Yakima, not in Yakima."

The reference to Yakima refers to a Yakima related photo Spencer Jack's dad also emailed me on Sunday, which I blogged about in The Yakima Fans From The Palm Springs Of Washington Are Among The Seattle Seahawk's 12th Men.

I learned about the Sunday boat trip earlier in the day, in a earlier email in which Spencer Jack's dad said, "Spencer, our girl friend, Brittney, and I are boycotting the game, and scheduled to start at 3:30 PST, by boarding the 3:20 sailing out of Anacortes. We will be spending the night in Friday Harbor, as the little rascal does not have school on MLK day, that being tomorrow."

After Spencer Jack's dad read the aforementioned blog post that mentioned Yakima and the Seattle Seahawk's 12 Man thing, Spencer Jack's dad emailed the following...

"I will be glad when this Seahawk mayhem is over. It's really beginning to be a bit much. I have refused to watch the news all week, as it's all they can talk about."

Well, with Sunday night's football game's result, Spencer Jack's dad is going to have to endure at least two more weeks of the incessant Seahawking. More on that in a following blogging due to an amusing item I read in this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram....

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