Friday, January 17, 2014

Yahooing Before Abdominizing On Fort Worth's Tandy Hills

I doubt if my one longtime blog reader can guess where I am standing in the picture.

Behind me, about three times taller than me, is the Mount Tandy Tower, also known as the Fort Worth Space Needle.

With this added information you should be able to guess that I am standing on top of one of the Tandy Hills, on this mighty fine 3rd Friday of 2014.

I opted to do some Tandy Hill hiking today so as to avail myself of Vitamin D acquisition via exposing my epidermis to bright sunlight, in addition to getting myself a good dose of endorphins via aerobic stimulation.

I was late in getting to the hills today.

This morning, pre-noon, I was talking to my Arizona sister when incoming email informed me I needed to make a change to a website. That soon turned into a time sucker with me being unable to connect to the website's server via FTP. It's a Yahoo issue. Why would anyone have their website on Yahoo servers?

My sister told me my favorite  nephew Christopher, aka CJ, is flying up to Seattle on Saturday to attend the Seattle Seahawk pre-Super Bowl game on Sunday. And then flying back to Phoenix after the game.

A couple days ago I asked Betty Jo Bouvier if she had attended a game yet in the new Seahawk Stadium. She had not. But, her neighbor had, telling Betty Jo that he would never attend again, because even though you pay for a seat you are not allowed to sit down because everyone in the stadium stands up yelling the entire game.

CJ's mom, aka my sister, told me today that she'd been to one game in the new Seahawk CenturyLink Stadium. She was able to set down because she was watching from the McDonald's luxury booth.

I have attended only one NFL game, years ago, in the now long gone Kingdome. I hated it. I was so far up in the stands the players were little figures running around in the distance. This was before the invention of giant TV screens, so basically there was nothing to watch.

I attended a Seattle Mariners game in the Kingdome a couple of times, with one of those times being enjoyable. For the same reason my sister liked her one time being in the new Seahawk Stadium. I was in the Kingdome's McDonald's luxury booth. I thought that luxury booth was quite luxurious. I understand the new luxury booth in the new stadium is even more luxurious.

Changing the subject from sports to something else.

I had myself a good hot tub hydrotherapy session this morning. Lately I wake up a bit sore in my mid-section. The hot tub hydrotherapy alleviates the soreness.

Why am I sore in my mid-section you are wondering but are too polite to ask.

Well, apparently someone, who I will not identify, thought my mid-section had grown too flabby and so this un-identified person Christmas gifted me with an Abdominizer device. I ignored the Abdominizer device for a week or two, miffed as I was that someone would give me such a thing.

And then I started doing some abdominizing. The abdominizing has gone on now for about three weeks. My aforementioned mid-section area, also known as ones core, constantly feels like it has been excessively exercised. I'd not made note of any great change, except for the soreness, and then a couple days ago someone rudely, out of the blue, blurted out, "Why do you suddenly have a six pack?"

I had no idea what was meant by "six pack" so I Googled the phrase to find a lot of beer advertisements.

Anyway, I think maybe I need to back off a bit on the Abdominizer, even though the constant soreness, while being a bit of a pain, also sort of feels good. It's very perplexing....

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