Thursday, January 9, 2014

Visibility In North Texas Is Being Severely Hampered By A Dense Fog From The Pacific Northwest

Two days ago the view you are looking at here, with that view being my friendly neighborhood Chesapeake Energy fracking operation, was very blue.

The past two days that very blue view has been covered up by a dense cover of fog.

On my walk up the hill to Albertsons to go pork chop hunting I stopped to take the photo of what today's North Texas fog looks like in dense mode.

I read this morning in a semi-reputable news source which calls itself the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that this foggy drizzle which has been dampening North Texas the past two days is a weather system that flowed in from the Pacific Northwest, arriving shortly after the Polar Vortex headed back towards the North Pole.

Yesterday when I was hot tubbing in the foggy drizzle I thought to myself that this is being like a stereotypical Western Washington winter day.

But, I figured the current dense fog was due to my current location being so close to the ocean, what with the Gulf of Mexico being only a couple hundred miles distant. It never crossed my mind that this marine air traveled a couple thousands miles, all the way from the Pacific Ocean.

Anyway, I must say I had myself a mighty fine time during this morning's hot tub hydrotherapy session, what with the additional skin moistening benefit of the dense fog.

Almost perpetual exposure to dense fog type natural moisturizing is one of the reasons us Pacific Northwest natives have such healthy glow.

However, I must admit that my Pacific Northwest naturally moisturized healthy glow is really beginning to fade after so many years exposure to the harsh Texas climate....

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