Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Return Of Blue Sky To Texas Has Me In A Good Mood Looking Forward To Some Seahawk Football

As you can see, via the 2nd Saturday of 2014 view of my still cool pool, blue sky has returned to North Texas, with the full retreat of both the ultra cool Polar Vortex and its followup, the not so cool Pacific Northwest storm system which brought the densest fog I've seen since I have been in Texas, followed by some mighty fine ocean type drizzle. And a little rain.

This morning I returned to my hot tub for a much needed hydrotherapy session along with two cooling dips in the cool pool.

Judging by the good mood I am currently in I am thinking I had been suffering from a bad SAD bout, with the Seasonally Affected Disorder disordering me due to way too much gray and way too little blue.

This morning's hydrotherapy under a bright blue sky seems to have totally un-SADenned me.

Today is my regularly scheduled day for Town Talk treasure hunting. I don't know which of my many hiking locations I might avail myself of prior to hiking. I suspect it will be a walk around Fosdick Lake.

A few minutes ago Betty Jo Bouvier reminded me that there is a Seattle Seahawk road to the Super Bowl game today. Currently I do not know when  the game is scheduled to commence. I suspect I can easily find out.

I do know that today's game is being played in Seattle. I have watched two football games this year. One Seahawk game and the last Dallas Cowboy game of the season.

I noticed several differences between the two games and their venues. One is the Seattle fans are so noisy, at that game I was watching, they once again broke the Guinness World Record for stadium noise, along with triggering an earthquake. Meanwhile at times the fans watching the Cowboy game sort of had the affect of attending a funeral.

I think bad stadium design may have something to do with the Cowboy stadium seeming muted, while the open air Seahawk stadium does not seem muted. It would seem the closed sardine can design of the Cowboy stadium, and the much larger crowd, would cause the stadium noise to be a lot louder than the Seattle noise.

Another thing I noticed whilst watching the two games is the Seattle setting is right downtown, with the north end of the stadium open to the Seattle skyline, while coverage of a Cowboys game has to cut 20 miles east to Dallas to get any sort of skyline view, what with the view surrounding the Cowboy stadium being a lot of parking lots, another ballpark, a Super Walmart, pawn shops, fast food joints and a run down motel, or two.

Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys would have been so much better off had they built the new stadium in Dallas, at Fair Park, it seems to me.

That and rather than let Jerry Jones and his family travel the world looking for stadium ideas, instead design a state of the art stadium more suited for North Texas, rather than a futuristic outpost on Mars.....

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