Friday, January 10, 2014

The 2nd Friday Of 2014 Is Dripping In North Texas

From 3 degrees a couple days ago to 63 degrees on this 2nd Friday of 2014, today's raining is being an even more stereotypical Western Washington Pacific Northwest winter day than the past couple days of dense fog.

I did not feel like getting my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy under a pounding of raindrops, this morning, and so I cancelled on the hydrotherapy.

In the stormy view in the picture you are sitting on the Eastchase ALDI parking lot looking west through my wet windshield, with the windshield wipers slapping time to an extremely annoying Rush Limbaugh in full irrational rant mode.

This is the first extremely drippy day of the new year. I can not remember when last the outer world was dripping as much as it is today.

I made Potato Carrot Onion Ham Soup this morning. The most recent pre-consumption tasting tasted good. But, I wish I knew how to make biscuits. Biscuits with butter, with this soup, would be a might fine thing.

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