Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tandy Hills Hoodoo III Has Been Destroyed With A New Hoodoo Rising From The Ruins

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to make an extremely frigid return to the Tandy Hills today to discover that Tandy Hills Hoodoo III has collapsed.

A forensic examination of the area surrounding the collapsed Hoodoo revealed no clear clues as to what brought about this latest Tandy Hills Hoodoo's demise.

There was a wire hanger leaning on the Hoodoo ruins which seemed a bit out of place.

Slightly to the southwest of the collapsed Hoodoo a new Hoodoo has risen, it being a baby-sized Hoodoo that you can see in the photo above, on the upper left side of the Hoodoo III ruins.

The outer world temperature had dropped to below freezing by the time I drove to the top of Mount Tandy. A strong wind made the outer world temperature really feel as if it was way below freezing. I had not attired myself in sufficient layers of outer wear for the outer world's cold condition, I quickly discovered upon my vehicular exit.

The low tonight is currently scheduled to get as low as 17. This North Texas winter habit of being in the 70s to 80s one day and then sub-freezing and then back in the 70s to 80s again, over and over again, really does where on a delicate person's nerves.....

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