Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Suffering From Extreme Texas Tree Pollen Pollution Waiting For Relief On Sunday

According to the AccuWeather graphic above the stifling pollen pollution is going in to Extreme mode tomorrow and Friday, before reverting back to Very High on Saturday, followed by relief on Sunday when the pollen pollution is scheduled to be Moderate.

I am  currently being drugged  every four hours with a little white pill containing something called Chlorpheniramine Maleate. This particular anti-histamine seems to have somewhat abated my respiratory woes.

I did not have myself a mighty fine time last night when it was time to get horizontal. I tossed and turned til way past 3 in the morning. Eventually I successfully passed out for an hour or two.

The outer world was freezing when the time arrived for my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy session this morning. I skipped the hydrotherapy again.

What I am currently wondering is how come when I lived in Western Washington, a location where there is a lot more foliage of a much wider variety, than my location in Texas, I had no allergy woes?

It's very perplexing.

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