Wednesday, January 8, 2014

North Texas Is Foggy But Not Freezing On The 2nd Wednesday Of 2014

As you can see, via my computer generated weather graphic, the Polar Vortex has left my current location, drawing in, as it headed north, on this 2nd Wednesday of 2014, what my computer generated weather information is characterizing as a Light Fog, when in reality this was a fog so thick it was more like drizzle.

The foggy drizzle has since somewhat abated from the heavy fogginess which dampened me early this morning when I made my way through the droplets to get to the hot tub for some much needed hydrotherapy.

I must say I had myself a mighty fine time having some foggy hydrotherapy this morning. Very refreshing.

Rain is in the forecast for my North Texas Fort Worth location for today and tomorrow.

Looking out my portal on the outer world I can not tell if the precipitation which is currently precipitating is just more of the dense fog drizzle, or extremely small raindrops.

I am almost 100% certain I will not be going hiking anywhere today where mud might be an issue. What I think I may do is finally get around to fixing the flat tire on my non-motorized bi-pedal mode of motion.

I also must remember to email Betty Jo Bouvier to inquire what, if anything, happened at the recent Train Wreck Betty Jo was scheduled to attend, along with others....

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