Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking At A Blue Bayou Overlook Thinking About Chorizo Salivary Glands, Lymph Nodes & Fat

Usually when I am overlooking the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Blue Bayou Overlook I am standing on the Overlook overlooking the Blue Bayou.

Today I opted for a different view of the Blue Bayou, looking north whilst standing on the paved trail looking at the Blue Bayou Overlook and the Blue Bayou it overlooks.

The temperature in the outer world at my location is once again being quite pleasant. Not yet as high as yesterday's 70 degrees of pleasantness, but still, quite pleasant.

Yesterday's high in the 70s warmed up my still cool pool enough to facilitate my longest pool dips of the new year, this morning, taking two cool pool breaks from my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy.

Changing the subject from hydrotherapy to lunch.

On Saturday, at Town Talk, I got myself a product called Soyrizo. Today I made Soyrizo Burritos for lunch. Opening the Soyrizo package I was advised to read the info on the flip side of the label. I was just a bit appalled by part of what I read....

SOYRIZO is a tasty Mexican Sausage called Chorizo. Instead of using the traditional salivary glands, lymph nodes and fat, SOYRIZO is meatless, made with healthy NON GMO soy beans, without the fat and calories of Beef or Pork Chorizo.

Yikes! The Pork Chorizo I have been buying at Town Talk, for months now, was made from salivary glands, lymph nodes and fat? The Town Talk Pork Chorizo did not seem all that fat. And the list of ingredients only indicated the meat was pork, no mention made of what particular pork parts.


I have to say, the Soyrizo was a tastier Chorizo than the Town Talk Pork Chorizo. I'd buy it again. I likely will not be buying the Town Talk Pork Chorizo anymore, unless I am able to determine it is not made from salivary glands and lymph nodes.

Yes, I'm a picky eater.....

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