Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yesterday's Tandy Hills Mystery Was Easily Solved Today

Today I returned to the Tandy Hills, determined to solve yesterday's Tandy Hills mystery.

I wish all my Tandy Hills mysteries were as easy to solve as today's was.

I was barely on the summit of Mount Tandy when I spied what I thought may have created yesterday's odd illusion, that illusion being two people standing on top of a hill, who turned out not to be people when I removed them from my camera.

What I thought were two people was actually the top of the Scott Avenue Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale drilling operation that taints the western end of the Tandy Hills.

One would have thought that this would have occurred to me, yesterday, due to the fact that I'd driven by that drilling operation on Friday, surprised to see so much equipment returned to that location. And also noting that the drilling rig did not say Chesapeake Energy on it, instead sporting the name of some other driller.

Now that that mystery is solved, let's continue on with today's hill hiking.

Yesterday my hiking route on the Tandy Hills did not take me by Tandy Falls.

Today's route did take me by Tandy Falls.

I was surprised to see and hear water roaring over the falls. Surprised because no rain has fallen in amounts copious enough to explain this volume of water flowing.

I suspect a water pipeline has broken, again, somewhere in the vicinity. I suspect that would explain the crystal clear-ness of the water.

I immensely enjoyed the Tandy Hills again today. Perfect hiking conditions. I am overflowing with endorphins right now. I could get addicted to feeling this good. I suspect I may do some hill hiking again tomorrow.

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