Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Walking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Before Lunch At An ALDI Grand Opening

After the first fall freeze the Village Creek Natural Historical Area totally changes its decor. Gone is the lush jungle that arrives in the spring and thrives through summer and into the fall, until that aforementioned first freeze.

I like the de-jungled time of year at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area. It is far less claustrophobic without all that foliage blocking the sun.

Speaking of the sun.

Today the outer world at my location in North Texas is being heated to the temperature of a cool summer day, as in currently the outer world is being heated to 74 degrees at my location.

The outer world was heated to 61 this morning when the sun showed up and I exited my abode for a bout of cycling from the cool pool to the hot tub to get myself some water-based endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

Apparently another potential ice storm is being predicted for our near future, with the current return to summer soon to return to winter-like cold, with the predicted potential ice storm currently scheduled for Saturday.

I do not like ice storms. I have never been hit directly by a tornado or a hurricane, which makes ice storms my least favorite weather event that I have experienced.

After having myself a mighty fine time walking with the Village Creek Indian ghosts I drove a short distance north to the Grand Opening of my new neighbor.

An ALDI Food Market.

As you can see via the photo documentation, the ALDI Grand Opening filled up the ALDI parking lot.

That is not my new HUMMER in the foreground.

I'd not been to an ALDI Grand Opening before.

It was a really grand Grand Opening. My mom would have loved it, what with more free samples available than any sane person could possibly consume, including a lot of chocolate products, a variety of chip and cracker products, hot off a grill quesadillas and other stuff I am not remembering.

I had my ALDI recyclable bags with me, but they were not needed. ALDI people loaded up my stuff in new ALDI recyclable bags and upon exiting I was given an ALDI canvas recyclable bag that was stuffed with freebies, like microwave popcorn, oatmeal, candy bars, granola bars, cookies and more stuff I am not remembering.

The layout of this ALDI was different than the other two ALDIs I have been to, those being the one in Hurst and the one in Pantego. I suspect I will never be in those other ALDIs ever again. This new ALDI is bigger, with the store layout in reverse from what I'm used to. Which confused me momentarily upon entry.

I am easily confused....

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