Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thinking About Escaping My Security Fence For A Benito's Platter At Uncle Julio's

In the picture you are looking northwest over the spiked spires which form a security fence which keep me securely secure.

For the most part.

As you can see, clouds have returned to North Texas, with thunderstorms on the menu starting tomorrow.

This morning I was in no mood to drive anywhere for my daily prescribed bout of aerobic stimulation and its resultant medicating endorphins.

Not driving anywhere leaves walking around my neighborhood as my only option for getting some bi-pedal activity.

I used this neighborhood walkabout to walk to Alberstsons to acquire this week's Fort Worth Weekly.

Before leaving my abode I used my Moira Collins Google persona to call my sister in Arizona to see how it is going for her with a houseful of two of my other sisters and their brood consisting of a pair of twin toddlers and their big brother.

Sounds like my sister is having a mighty fine time with her houseful. Yesterday they caravaned to my mom and dad's for a swim with the seniors at my mom and dad's clubhouse. There are four pools at my mom and dad's clubhouse, with only one of them un-heated.

Speaking of un-heated swimming pools. The temperature average at my location on the planet has been above 50 degrees the past 24 hours. That fits my good to go swimming criteria.


But, this morning I discovered it takes more than one day averaging above 50 for the cool pool to become un-cool enough for pleasant swim. So, I had two quick cool dips with two hot tub warm-ups after the too cool dips.

Speaking of needing a change of scenery. This morning, after a lengthy discussion with Elsie Hotpepper, I came to the conclusion we need a break from all this holiday cheer. Some place sort of tropical would be nice.

Speaking of holiday cheer. This week's best holiday cheer came via a Christmas Party at which I acquired an Uncle Julio's gift card. I'm thinking I'll be having myself a Benito's Platter, or two, or three, or four, or five, over a period of time in the coming period of time.....

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