Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Rain Is Downpouring In North Texas On The Next To Last Saturday Of 2013

I don't remember when last I saw rain falling in downpour mode at my current location on the planet in the copious amounts that are falling on this next to last Saturday of 2013.

At the time this morning of my regularly scheduled pool and hot tub bout the route to the pool was in flash flooding mode.

But fear of wading through a flash flood was not the reason I bailed on getting cold this morning. It was the downpouring that greatly lessened the pool appeal.

You can sort of tell via the above picture how dark and dreary this day is starting out to be. When I stepped outside to take a picture I stayed under cover rather than step out into the downpour to take a picture from my usual location at the railing's edge.

I do not foresee a walk under a bumbershoot in my future for today. I do see a visit to Town Talk in my future today to do some treasure hunting.

With this being the last Saturday before Christmas, Town Talk should be a busy zoo today.

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