Friday, December 6, 2013

The Great White Friday North Texas Ice Storm Has Arrived With A Vengeance

On the left you are looking at the early morning view of my usual swimming venue on this first Friday of the last month of 2013.

On a normal day at this point in time I would be up close and personal with that cool pool.

But today that cool pool is way too cool.

As in the predicted Ice Storm has stormed in with a White Vengeance.

Icicles formed over night on various surfaces. Frozen water pellets pummel relentlessly, making a tinkling noise as they make earth contact.

The outer world at my location, according to my computer based temperature monitoring device, is currently frozen to 26 degrees.

I have not lost power.


But, apparently, over 100,000 in North Texas are currently in shiver mode without electricity.

It just occurred to me I should make a big pot of coffee for backup purposes, kept in the refrigerator, for emergency iced coffee medication if the power goes out for an extended time.

I really don't want to suffer caffeine withdrawal in addition to Ice Storm misery.

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