Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Murder, Mayhem & Madness Leaves Me Discombobulated In Texas Walking With Indian Ghosts

The Ides of December, that being the 3rd Wednesday of the last month of 2013, a week before Christmas, this morning, a bout of murder, mayhem and madness had me being a bit discombobulated.

Being a bit discombobulated caused me a rare instance of forgetting to bring my camera with me when I left my abode today to commune with nature and the Indian ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

So, to illustrate what a mighty fine day it is today in North Texas I had to resort to taking a picture, upon my return, of the turquoise view from my patio of my cool pool and the blue sky above it.

Currently the outer world at my location is only two degrees shy of 70. That temperature is to the point where we border on warm, but not to the turning on the A/C point of warm. Maybe warm enough to open some windows.

I do not recollect being able to open windows at this point in time in previous years in Texas.

I think I will hit the publish button on this blogging now and then go on a window opening expedition....

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