Monday, December 2, 2013

I Am Not Pardoning The Lack Of Trinity River Improvement Progress By The TRWD

If you visit the downtown Fort Worth campus of Tarrant County College's non-Radio Shack related iteration you may find yourself drawn to the Trinity River via a long, inviting staircase.

At the bottom of those stairs you will find yourself looking at the sign you see here.

This signage is brought to you by the fine folks at the Tarrant Regional Water District, who ask you, via this sign, to "Pardon our Progress" while they improve the river one project at a time.

If I remember right I have used the word "hubris" is association with these TRWD people previously.

The sign additionally informs us that...

"The Tarrant Regional Water District is working hard to make the connection between you and the Trinity Trail system as easy as possible. With this new trail extension not only TCC students, but all of downtown Fort Worth will have even more trail access for that morning run or evening bike ride!"

This new trail extension, which this sign proudly trumpets, is actually the covering with asphalt of the pre-exiting dirt path connecting the Trinity Trail to that aforementioned TCC stairway.

And why does this short trail of asphalt require this self-serving bit of propaganda? Really, why?

I have been appalled by the bizarre TRWD and Trinity River Vision Boondoggle signage for years now.

How much has all this superfluous signage cost the taxpayers?

What is the purpose of these sign advertisements? Is it to try and convince voters that the TRWD and TRVB are actually getting something done?

But, there is no need to convince voters of anything, because voters do not get to vote on any of the TRWD/TRVB projects.

But, voters do vote for the Tarrant Regional Water District board members.

Is that the purpose of the signage? To propagandize positively for the TRWD, making voters think they need to vote for these people to continue this amazing progress with even more short distances of trail covered with fresh asphalt?

Quite perplexing.....

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