Friday, December 13, 2013

Finally Mostly Free Of Ice On This 2nd Friday Of December In North Texas

What a difference a week makes.

Last Friday this same cool pool scene you are looking at here was mostly white, due to a covering of several inches of ice, delivered by the Great North Texas Ice Storm of 2013, currently quickly fading into history.

For the first time in over a week the outer world at my location did not dip below freezing. Currently, only a couple hours after this morning's sun arrival, we are already being heated to 41 degrees.

This morning I had myself a mighty fine time in the cool pool, well, mostly in the hot tub. A slight amount of rain dripped on me whilst I was pooling.

Tomorrow, Texas transplant, by way of Kansas, Nurse Martha, is heading to the Pacific Northwest, well, specifically, Seattle, for the first time.

The norm is normally that when I fly up north I quickly find myself chilly, due to the extreme temperature differential. Nurse Martha should be experiencing the opposite of that norm, what with the Western Washington outer world being heated slightly warmer than North Texas.

I hope the clouds lift for Nurse Martha so she can marvel at the spectacle of being surrounded by mountains, some of the giant volcano sort.

Now matter how high the clouds lift at Nurse Martha's and my current location we can see no mountains, let alone giant volcanoes spewing steam....

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