Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Post-Christmas Walk To Interlochen With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts

Does it qualify as a 'selfie' if you aim a camera at a mirror-type device and take a photo of oneself? I have no idea what the 'selfie' criteria are.

This particular 'selfie' was taken in Arlington, at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area where I went to walk with the Indian ghosts today to try and get myself back to feeling normal after yesterday's Christmas feeding debauchery which ended up with me feeling like a python who had ingested a much too big pig.

It was yesterday's extremely tasty macaroni and cheese followed by too many Christmas cookies which turned into a too big of a pig for this particular python.

I shan't repeat that mistake anytime soon. I'd rather be hungry than feeling like I am about to explode. I really don't understand how plus-sized people manage it.

Today I exited the Village Creek Historical Natural Area to walk along the Bob Findlay Linear Park in the Interlochen zone.

Interlochen is known for its over the top Christmas decorations which result in traffic jams requiring traffic police and directional rules.

My previous bloggings about Interlochen and the directions to get to the experience must rank high in search engines because every year my Interlochen Christmas Lights Map blogging gets a lot of hits.

The Interlochen Christmas displays are not nearly as bright at noon as they are after the sun leaves for the day.

At night the scene depicted in the display above would be brightly lit. But in daylight I am still able to tell that this is some sort of religious scene of some sort of Christmas related event.

It has been several years since I braved the Interlochen traffic to view the Vegas-bright light displays. I feel no compelling urge to do so this year....

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