Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Can't I Go To Dealey Plaza Today For The 50th JFK Assassination Anniversary?

In the picture I am standing on the infamous Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, on November 22.

That would be November 22, ten years ago, on the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

I recollect this event, ten years ago, as one of the more memorable experiences I have ever experienced.

I recollect thinking at the time that there was no way I would still be in Texas when the time of the half century anniversary rolled around.

And yet here I am.

But, today I will not be driving to Dallas, unlike ten years ago.

Back then, in 2003, a more innocent time, only two years after the 9/11 Attacks, any riff raff who had the energy to do so could go to Dealey Plaza, unmolested by any sort of police state security apparatus.

Today, if I wanted to go to Dealey Plaza I would have needed to obtain a permission ticket by emailing a request to a website titled The 50th Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy where if a lottery deemed I was worthy I would have been sent notification that this morning I could bring a couple pieces of ID to wait in a line at American Airlines Center to get my ticket to then wait in another line, going through, I assume, airport type security to be admitted to Dealey Plaza.

4,000 tickets were available.

I can not imagine 4,000 people going through this process to be able to attend this event. And even if one did go through the process I am thinking this morning's temperature being barely above freezing might have one changing ones mind about heading to Dealey Plaza to wait in lines to then stand outside waiting for the moment when gunshots blasted through the air a half century ago in Dallas.

Below is my video from that more innocent time, ten years ago........

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