Monday, November 4, 2013

Tonight I Learned Clinical Studies Have Discovered Why The Nature Noises Of Texas Are Good For Me

Right now, an hour, or two, after the sun called it quits for the day, I am still hearing a bird, or two, tweeting.

I am also hearing a rumbling.

Is it thunder? Or a jet?

Rain has been falling, off and on, for hours, with the natural sound of pitter patter hitting my window panes.

Tonight I learned, on Facebook, via the Divine Miss Julie, an explanation as to why it is I am so darn healthy.

Apparently clinical studies have proven that 2 hours of nature sounds a day greatly reduce ones stress, whilst activating some sort of DNA deal which repairs and heals ones body.

I guess I now know why it is, what I thought to be some sort of serious foot injury, so quickly became less serious.

I would estimate, on average, on an average day, I am outdoors hearing the sounds of nature more than a couple hours a day.

And then we have those noisy natural birds tweeting their tweets into my interior space, thus giving me even more nature sound exposure.

It really is no wonder, now, why I am such a Teddy Rooseveltian paragon of good health......

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MLK said...

I listen to nature sounds on my Iphone via Pandora One all day at work. I like hearing the birds, etc. And especially how the guy in the next cubicle hates bird sounds.