Saturday, November 16, 2013

Today On The Tandy Hills I Found A Partly Resurrected Hoodoo Before Finding A Lot Of Yogurt

Last Saturday I was totally distraught to discover that the Tandy Hills Hoodoo had been hoodlumized, toppled over and obliterated in a senseless act of eco-terrorism.

Today I returned to the Tandy Hills and was not too surprised to see that the Tandy Hills Hoodoo has been partly resurrected, but, as you can see, the partly resurrected Tandy Hills Hoodoo is just a shadow of its glorious former self.

The outer world is being heated to its hottest in several days, today. As in I had myself a summer-like HOT hike today.

When I woke up my computer this morning it informed me that the outer world was no longer chilly, at a relatively balmy 66 degrees, so I had myself a relatively long time in the no longer quite so cool pool this morning.

As you can see, via the picture below, this week's freeze amped up the color in the Tandy Hills' trees. Though some remain stubbornly green.

After having myself a mighty fine time hiking up multiple hills it was off to Town Talk for my regularly scheduled Saturday treasure hunt.

You would have really liked Town Talk today, MLK. Cases of yogurt, 3 for $5. I got a case each of Siggi's Pomegranate/Passion Fruit, Chobani Black Cherry and Cascade Fresh Lemon. I also got Havarti cheese to please the Dutch side of my nature. And my usual rabbit food in the form of lettuce and carrots. Plus Polish Kielbasa, sauerkraut, whole grain tortillas, a bag of Gala apples from Wenatchee and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

The lunch gong just sounded, so if you want lunch you need to be here in about 5 minutes or you are out of luck....

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