Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Village Creek Blue Bayou Has Returned While My Turkey Continues To Thaw

As you can see via the photo documentation on the left, the return of rain to North Texas has brought about the return of Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Blue Bayou.

I had myself a mighty breezy walk with the Indian Ghosts today.

Breezy and chilly.

The recent bout of below freezing iciness has abated, though the overnight temperature is still predicted to be below freezing for a few more days.

Yesterday I drove past the entry to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's parking lot on my way to Veterans Park and saw the entry blocked by the closed due to flooding sign.

Today I did not see any sign of any flooding, as in none of any of the usual flood debris backed up against the Village Creek dam bridges.

Currently the outer world is being heated to 42 degrees at my location. This should help facilitate the thawing of the frozen turkey that is parked on my patio.

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