Friday, November 1, 2013

The First Day Of November Breathing Cleaner Air In My Favorite Industrial Wasteland

In the photo you are looking west across Bridgewood Drive, past the big security fence spikes which protect me from intruders, looking at the entry to my closest neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drilling Site.

My closest neighborhood Chesapeake Energy hole in the ground is much closer than the one I usually mention, which is across from Albertsons, which I mentioned yesterday in a blogging titled A Walk Around The Industrial Wasteland I Call Home.

Today I also took a walk around the industrial wasteland I call home, walking to the aforementioned Albertsons in a futile attempt to get this week's Ink Edition. The Ink Edition does not show up as reliably on time as does Fort Worth Weekly.

Due to the recent winds the air that I breathe has improved, pollen levels have dropped, my respiratory system is working without any chemical intervention.

In other words, November is starting off as a mighty fine month in Texas.

Swimming went swimmingly this morning. The air was heated to only 51 degrees, but due to the air being heated much warmer than 51, of late, the water which I immerse myself in was much warmer than 51 degrees, so I was able to have myself a good swim on this first day of November.

I remember the first days of November, previously, as being a bit challenging, swim-wise. But not today.

I am back being a Global Warming believer, I guess.

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