Monday, November 11, 2013

Tandy Hills Hoodoo Destroyed Before Incoming Arctic Blast Deep Freeze

I was shocked today, shocked I tell you, to discover that the Tandy Hills Hoodoo has been destroyed.

Sometime between when I saw the Hoodoo on Saturday and did not see it today, the Tandy Hills Hoodoo was toppled.

I saw no evidence of who it was who may have perpetrated this act.

Was this Hoodoo hoodlumizing behavior the destructive act of yet one more Mormon Boy Scout troop run amok?

I doubt it.

Whoever it was who decided to topple the Tandy Hills  Hoodoo scattered its pieces, making re-assembly by Mother Nature, are whoever it was who brought about the Hoodoo, difficult.

Changing the subject from Hoodoo heartbreak to my favorite subject. That being the weather.

As you can see via the graphic generated by my computer based weather monitoring device, currently the outer world, at my location is being heated to 71 degrees.

But, a BIG CHILL is on its way. An Arctic Blast is scheduled to blast into town tomorrow, bringing with it a low of 29. As in freezing.

When I moved to Texas, way back in the last century,  I remember the first of what were to be many shocks was the shocking weather.

I left Washington with rain downpouring. I arrived in Fort Worth, well, actually Haslet, to the strongest downpour I'd ever seen, with ditches flooding, water puddled in copious amounts. I did not realize Fort Worth and North Texas got rain that made Western Washington's infamous rain seem like a drizzle by comparison.

Arriving to heavy rain was a mild shock compared to what happened next.

A week after my arrival in Texas I was at the now long gone Riscky Rita's in the Fort Worth Stockyards. When I exited my vehicle, in a t-shirt, to walk to Riscky Rita's, the temperature was in the 70s. It felt very warm to my then acclimated to Washington in winter, self.

Whilst enjoying a lengthy visit with the Riscky Rita Tex-Mex buffet I noticed a strong wind had begun blowing. Exiting Riscky Rita's I was shocked to find that the temperature had plummeted, rendering a t-shirt insufficient outerwear.

I remember thinking to myself, I thought I was moving to a warmer, drier climate, and now this?

That night the temperature dropped to 15 degrees. We did not know what to do about the pool's water circulating system, or how to turn off the water to the barn. It seemed a disaster in the making.

But, by morning, all got worst, when I woke up to see the first ice storm I'd ever seen.

It was shocking. I'd never seen anything like it. Everything covered with a thick coat of ice.

A few days later the outer world was back being heated into the 70s. Thus was my introduction to Texas weather......

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CatsPaw said...

I need new spectacles. I first read "rendering a t-shirt insufficient outerwear" as "rendering me to insufficient underwear" – and thought, yeah, it gets pretty windy sometimes.

Start working on some snow for Christmas, wouldja?