Tuesday, November 26, 2013

President Obama Did Not Visit Fort Worth This Weekend & Utter the Wow Word When He Saw Mount Tandy

A few days ago I mentioned to my mama that the Tacoma adventure poodles, Max, Blue and the newest poodle adventurer, Eddie, had not blogged in weeks, not since a temporary relocation to Chicago of the human adult figures in the poodle domicile.

Well, today Max, Blue and Eddie returned to their blogging duty, with many pictures, including the one above.

When I saw this photo I was a bit confused as to what I first thought to be an impossible view of downtown Seattle. Then I remembered the view from Fraser's window on Queen Anne Hill on the long gone NBC sitcom.

That view somehow makes the Space Needle look like the tallest structure in Seattle, which it is not. And also makes Mount Rainier appear closer than it actually appears from Queen Anne Hill. You'd need to go to Tacoma to see Mount Rainier looking that big.

President Obama put Mount Rainier in the news in the Pacific Northwest the past couple days due to the President being in Seattle, with the Mountain putting in an appearance, which had Obama pointing at it and saying "Wow!"

I wonder if President Obama were to visit Fort Worth if he would point to anything and say "Wow!"?

I don't know where Max, Blue & Eddie were when the above photo was taken. I am almost 100% it was not one of them who took the picture.

The two smallest of the kids in the picture are my nephew Theo on the left, with niece Ruby on the right. That would make big brother nephew David in the middle.

If my calculations are correct, and they usually are not, because math is something which is challenging for me, but, I believe the twins, Theo & Ruby, are about to turn 3 years old. I believe David is 5. Maybe 6.

Time flies.

I believe the twins and David are going to be in Arizona next month for their birthday and to visit both sets of their grandparental units, along with others, but likely not me.

I am not currently scheduled to meet Theo, Ruby & David for another 15 years,  in 2028, which is the year of my next planned return to the Pacific Northwest.

Unless my plans change, which they have a tendency to do....

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