Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Am No Cook But I Can Follow Turkey Thawing Directions

I saw the above on Facebook a couple minutes ago, via the Fort Worth Connie D.

I thought this to be amusing.

When I first saw the above, as I was quickly scrolling down the Facebook clutter, I did not at first realize what it was I was looking at.

And then I realized it was a relative of that which I recently shoved in my oven.

Happy Thanksgiving, again, one and all, particularly the two Connie D's....

And let us not forget to wish Elsie Hotpepper a special Happy Thanksgiving. Elsie Hotpepper this morning warmed the cockles of my heart by saying "I'm thankful I met you. :)".

I  do not recollect anyone ever saying, before, that they were thankful they met me.

Then again, I do have a bad memory.

And I also am sitting here wondering what in the world "cockles" are. And what these "cockles" have to do with ones heart....

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