Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gas Pipeline Explodes In Milford Texas Sending Black Smoke Plume North Of Dallas

Before leaving my abode to drive to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area I heard on the radio that a Chevron gas pipeline had exploded in south Ellis County, south of Waxahachie, near the little town of Milford.

The radio report said the black smoke plume from the explosion was visible for miles and would be heading north, staying close to the ground due to a temperature inversion.

I did not expect to see this black smoke plume, but, see it I did, when I drove north on Eastchase Parkway to Walmart.

That is the black smoke plume you see, low on the horizon, in the picture above, looking east, towards Dallas, from the Walmart parking lot.

My camera could not catch the entire plume, but it extended as far as I could see south and as far as I could see north.

The entire town of Milford was evacuated following the explosion and the resulting ongoing fire, including 230 students and faculty. The students were taken to the town of Italy's high school's Gladiator Coliseum.

Apparently no one has yet been reported injured or killed by this explosion, which occurred at a drill site where workers were penetrating the ground.

The exact location of the big boom is south of Milford, close to the intersection of Farm Road 308 and U.S. Highway 77.

I do not know if the black smoke plume's fumes are toxic.

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