Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Colorful Hike With The Tandy Hills Fall Foliage Before Town Talk Treasure Hunting

Rain is predicted to possibly fall, tomorrow, so I thought today would be a mighty fine time to haul myself to the Tandy Hills to do some communing with the natural world.

As you can see, the Tandy Hills are currently being a colorful wonderland of  the non-wildflower type of colorful.

I do not recollect the Tandy Hills fall foliage being as deeply colorful in falls past. I'm likely just not remembering correctly.

Or, have conditions been such, what with the Great Texas Drought, recording breaking temperatures and who knows what else, that more saturated coloring is the result?

I should inquire of renowned Fort Worth Horticulturist, CatsPaw, if she knows the answer to this colorful question.

This morning the outer world temperature was above 50 when I woke up my computer before the sun arrived. Being above 50 had my averaging 50 or above over a 24 hour period criteria met for a morning swim. The water was a bit chillier this morning than yester morn, requiring three hot tub cycles.

After hiking up a hill or two or three I drove to the Beach Street Walmart, since it is the Walmart closest to the Tandy Hills and I needed to get a Walmart product I forgot to get yesterday. My route back to my abode from the Beach Street Walmart takes me past Town Talk, so I had myself a semi-rare Wednesday Town Talk treasure hunt.

Today I did not find much Town Talk treasure, other than some extra sharp white cheddar, rye tortillas, chipotle sirloin burgers and another pre-cooked beef product.

Town Talk on Saturday should be a busy zoo, what with it being the last Saturday before Thanksgiving. So, on Saturday I should be having myself a mighty fine time at Town Talk.

It takes so little to entertain me.....


CatsPaw said...

Your renowned Google horticulturist found this interesting explanation from 2002, but is quite sure the science holds up for 2013:

Durango said...

Thanks CatsPaw, you're the best Google enabled horticulturist I know.