Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Chilly Saturday Walk With The Fosdick Lake Ducks Before Town Talking

This morning, after nearly 24 hours of slothfulness, endorphin withdrawal was starting to get quite serious.

So serious that this morning, despite the temperature being near freezing, I decided to get myself some exercise in the hot tub.


The overnight freezing cold caused the hot tub to switch itself to low heat mode. I knew as soon as I saw there was no steam streaming skyward that I would not be hot tubbing.


Prior to my regularly scheduled Saturday Town Talk visit I stopped at Oakland Lake Park for a fast paced walk around Fosdick lake.

As you can see, the flotilla of Fosdick ducks was out in force. I regretted not remembering to bring the Fosducks some snacks.

Drippage was drizzling whilst I duck walked, but not at all copiously. So far none of the predicted sleet has iced up the outer world at my location.

Town Talk was predictably busy today, what with this being the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Holiday Cakes, two for $3, I saw on the reader board upon arrival.

Holiday Cakes?

I had no idea what a Holiday Cake might be. Fruit cake? I like fruit cake. Well, some fruit cake. Turned out Holiday Cakes were a white chocolate raspberry concoction. I did not get one.

I did get two bags of romaine lettuce, already chopped up. Extra sharp white cheddar, green peppers, carrots, whole wheat tortillas and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

The lunch gong just sounded, so I must go consume some food....


Steve A said...

Do you plan to post on the contrast between the 40th and 50th Kennedy Assasination observances?

Durango said...

Steve A, I did not attend the 50th observance, so have no personal experience take on it. I did post on the contrast between the two in terms of what I knew from what I read, as in, unlike 10 years ago, for the 50th, Dealey Plaza was not a public plaza. You had to have a ticket and go through a security check to attend. From what I've heard the 50th was a well planned event. One of things I liked about the 40th was its sort of spontaneous feel, woeful bugler, SWAT team showing up for no reason, conspiracy nuts making noise, kooky speechifying. And overall, a very somber, very moving affair that I was glad I made the effort to attend. I had no interest in jumping through the hoops that had been erected to attend this year's 50th.