Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking With My Sister & The Village Creek Indian Ghosts While A Bearded Lady Lost Someone

I got gas on my way to walk with the Indian ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, so I called my mom, like I usually do when I get gas.

The phone rang a dozen times til it got to my dad's rhyming message.

This was twice this week my mom and dad have not been home when I called. I figured my mom's recovery from knee surgery had progressed enough that getting out of the house was back being the daily norm.

So, I called my sister who lives a few miles from mom and dad and learned this morning the parental units were at a doctor's appointment.

I had myself a mighty fine walk with my sister, til my phone exploded in my ear due to the battery running out of juice. This seems to happen just about every time I talk to my sister.

In the picture above you are looking at the location I was at when my phone exploded. Sitting on a picnic table top.

After my phone exploded I exited this picnic table area to find myself being approached by a bearded lady with a phone to her ear, asking me if she could ask me something. I indicated she could ask me something, which had her asking me if I'd seen a woman with a shaved head, that they'd just arrived at the parking lot to go on a run, with the woman with the shaved head vanishing.

I told the bearded lady that I'd not seen anyone fitting the description, because I had not. I'd come across a cute older couple holding hands as they walked and a couple other people.

The incident with the bearded lady was very strange. There really is no way someone could quickly vanish at this location.

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