Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today I Was Able To Have Myself A Mighty Fine Dry Chilly Mountain Bike Ride Through The Gateway Park Jungle

I was able to make it to my regular Saturday photo op location in Gateway Park today. The only precipitation precipitating was an extremely slight drizzle of extremely short duration.

A large number of people were out enjoying the sudden change in temperature, going from being in the 90s to a wind chill in the low 50s.

I was one of the few bikers who was not in long pants. I was wearing long sleeves, which helped. Eventually I warmed up.

Other than being a bit chilly mountain biking through the Gateway Park jungle today was uneventful.

Town Talk was also uneventful, except for being the busiest I've ever seen it, with the parking lot full, with the over flow parking on the grass.

Inside the checkout lines were long, but moved fast, due to the Town Talk checkers being very fast.

My Town Talk treasure hunting turned up nothing surprising today. I did get a lot of tomatoes, carrots and jalapeno cheese, along with more chorizo.

Suddenly I see the sky brightening outside my computer room window. Is this latest chance at drought ending rain over? I hope not.

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