Friday, October 4, 2013

Today I Did Not Get A Speeding Ticket In Pantego Before Not Falling Off A Steep Slope With Quacking Ducks

I found myself in Pantego this morning. Pantego is a little town surrounded by Arlington.

Pantego is famous, locally, for its imaginative speed traps.

I have never been caught in a Pantego speed trap, but I know someone who was caught in a Pantego speed trap, but beat the trap rap because on the ticket the cop neglected to write down the speed the speeder was alleged to have been speeding.

Pantego is close to Arlington's Veterans Park. So, after I successfully avoided Pantego's imaginative speed traps I had myself a walk.

I had never noticed the STEEP SLOPE warning sign you see here, during my previous Veterans Park walks.

The sign makes one think this trail is a bit dangerous, with a steep slope that is best avoided lest one find oneself tumbling over like the illustration on the sign.

Eventually, at the top of the hill, at the end of the paved trail, one does come to some steep areas. But I do not think it can be those steep areas to which this sign refers.

Before I got to the point on the trail were I was in danger of tumbling off a steep slope I had an encounter with a flock of ducks clacking loud.

I walked cross the dam that forms the Veterans Park duck/turtle pond when I came upon the above flock resting in the shade of a tree. The duck looking at me, slightly to the right of center, with the white bill, objected quite vociferously to my intrusion.

During a short stand off I stood still, aiming my camera, while the lead duck quacked what sounded like a warning. I anticipated the possibility that I might need to make haste in the other direction to avoid a duck attack. But, eventually the lead duck led his flock away from me, with all of the flock quacking their disapproval.

The Veterans Park ducks are bigger and feistier than the ducks I visit at Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park. I think they may be ex-military....

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