Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rolling In Fort Worth's Gateway Park Getting Splashed By Big Trinity River Fish

No. That is not pea soup you are looking at in the picture. Although pea soup does sound real good, even on this not too chilly 2nd day of October.

The pea soup colored water you are looking at in the picture is the some of the pristine water that flows in the Trinity River as it passes past Fort Worth's Gateway Park.

When I stopped my wheels from rolling over the Gateway Park mountain bike trails today and looked over the cliff at the river, I was startled to see a BIG fish jump out of the water, making a BIG splash.

If I were looking at a river in Washington, like the Skagit or the Columbia, I would have thought I'd seen a BIG salmon make a BIG jump.

I then saw several other big fish, submerged barely below the green surface, like the one I zoomed in on above.

I have no idea what species of fish these were, except for being fairly certain they were not salmon.

I had myself a really fine time biking today.

And then I got back to my computer to learn there is a scandal a-brewing.

It always takes me awhile to figure out what is scandalous about a particular scandal when one begins a-brewing. I do not think this particular scandal will take me as long to figure out as it took me to figure out what was scandalous about the Watergate scandal when I learned about that scandal in grade school....

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