Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looking At A Stormy Sky While Navigating Texas Freeway Construction Thinking About A Relatively Annoying Problem

On this last Sunday of October, in the photo on the left, you are looking south through the security fence which protects me from intruders.

I have never seen an attempting intruder impaled on one of those spikes.

I have seen an attempting intruder get his baggy pants impaled on one of those spikes, rendering him stuck long enough for law enforcement to arrive.

Those dark menacing clouds that those spikes are pointing towards look as if they could produce lightning bolts.

Last night's lightning bolts, after dark, struck very close and were very loud. Along with a heavy downpour which did not last long.

Is the Great Texas Drought coming to an end? I hope so.

This morning I drove up to Hurst. I knew my usual Precinct Line exit was not available due to the old overpass being demolished this weekend. The highway construction engineering that is taking place along the current 820/121 mess is an  interesting wonder to behold. How many people does it take to figure out how to make all that confusion work?

Getting to Hurst was easy. Leaving Hurst, via getting back on the freeway, was a fun adventure. Due to the old overpass and old freeway section being removed, the new temporary entry to the freeway was a navigating feat that seemed sort of like playing a video game.

When I first moved to Texas the new 820/121 mixmaster was under construction. Within a short time after my arrival that new mixmaster was completed. And now that new mixmaster is being all mixed up again with all this new construction. Will this also last only 12 years before it  needs to be even bigger?

Changing the subject from freeway construction to a relatively annoying problem.

The past few days I have been making myself depressed thinking about how to deal with a relatively annoying problem. I am torn between directly dealing with the relatively annoying problem  or just continuing to ignore it. Dealing with the relatively annoying problem opens a potential can of worms which might not solve anything or make the relatively annoying problem worse.

I really do not like being vexed by relatively annoying problems....

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