Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Walking With My Mom & The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Talking About Adopting Eddie & Avoiding BS

Looking at the picture my one longtime reader might guess that it is a scene in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area that you are looking at.

That one longtime reader would be guessing correctly.

As you can see, blue has returned, somewhat, to the Village Creek Blue Bayou.

My mom went walking with me and the Indian ghosts today.

Mom was sounding very chipper. It has been over a month now since my mom had knee surgery. The recovery continues, helped by pain meds, which may account for some of that chipperiness.

My mom wants me to fly to Arizona in December. And to get Spencer Jack's uncle Joey to come there too.

I know why my mom wants me and Joey to fly to Arizona in December. But, what my mom does not know is I have an issue which I refer to as the "BS" problem, which I have vowed to avoid, as best I can, which is fairly reliably. If I fly to Arizona in December I would likely find myself having to deal with the "BS" problem for the first time since I promised myself that I would no longer tolerate the bad "BS" behavior, like I have always done in the past.

And in other relative news, talking to my mom today I learned that mom learned yesterday, what I also learned yesterday, that being that my sister who lives in Tacoma is adopting yet one more adoptee into her brood. This adoptee is coming from a shelter in Los Angeles.

My sister has a fairly large house, with three levels, but, with Blue, Max, David, Theo, Ruby, and now,  Eddie, I'm thinking it might be time to start hunting for a bigger house.

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